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Brains Collector
Description  An educational cloud solution powered by Microsoft KINECT
Award  Microsoft Imagine Cup Egypt - 4th Place
Year  April 2012


Introducing “Brains Collector”, an educational solution that helps students, parents and schools reach a different engaging learning experience powered by KINECT and tracked by the Web.

The main target is to teach students how to solve problems in a logical and interactive manner. This is a way of increasing their problem solving skill, logical thinking and creativity which by time will reflect on their way of thinking and helps in their education path.

The system idea is a KIENCT application (creativity motivating and logical thinking puzzles & assignments) tracked by the web through a web site interface for parents and school teachers to keep up with students’ progress, score and other metrics.

My Role
I was in a team of five members and my role was:
  1. The Team Leader.
  2. Participated in the main scenario of the application.
  3. Developed the main KINECT interaction classes.
  4. Participated in the graphics & interface design.
  5. Participated in the website design and development.
  6. Participated in testing the whole application.