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Chess Game Engine
Score  2nd Place | (Distinction) "90%"
Course  Artificial Intelligence
Year  2013

An intelligent chess playing program, which plays a real chess game between a human and the computer or a computer and another computer. Player is able to order computer to use different search algorithms.


My Role
I was in a team of total: 24 members, my sub-team was the (Design & Implementation Team) and my role was:
  1. Algorithms & Integration team leader.
  2. Participating in designing the flow of events and data for the application.
  3. Developing the "A star" search algorithm in C++.
  4. Developing the main controller in C++ which handles the communication between all core components: Data Model, Moves Generator, Search Algorithm, Evaluation Component & XNA Interface.
  5. Participating in testing the whole application.
  6. Participating in debugging the C++ Core.
  7. Participating in debugging the XNA interface.