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Elevators System Simulation
Score  3rd Place | (Distinction+) "103%"
Course  Data Structures & Algorithms
Year  2010

Elevators System Simulation project is to simulate the whole system of the (N - "any number")* elevators in your building with (N - "any number")* floors and (N - "any number")* of passengers, the target is to trace & expect any problems in your system.

* The max number depends on your computer's memory


My Role
I was in a team of four members and my role was:
  1. Participated in the main scenario of the application.
  2. Participated in designing linked lists of the application.
  3. Loading passengers' list from the input file.
  4. The passengers inserting function into application flow.
  5. Participated in moving elevators function.
  6. Participated in the output interface.
  7. Participated in debugging the whole application.
  8. Participated in testing the whole application.