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Operating System Processes Scheduler
Score  1st Place | (Distinction+) "115%"
Course  Operating Systems
Year  2012

Operating System Processes Scheduler is a simulator for a process scheduler in an operating system. The input to a process scheduler is a set of processes, with different parameters and the output is a schedule that tends to satisfy the requirements of all processes according to some scheduling algorithm. In addition, it should have some statistical data for the overall performance measurement.

C#, WPF, Ribbon UI & ZedGraph

My Role
I was in a team of two members and my role was:
  1. The Team Leader.
  2. Designing the main data structure for the application.
  3. Developing the Round Robin operation.
  4. Developing the Shortest Job First (SJF) non-preemptive operation.
  5. Developing the Highest Priority First (HPF) non-preemptive operation.
  6. Developing the Weighted Highest Priority First (W-HPF) non-preemptive operation.
  7. Developing the processes file reader and output log file writer.
  8. Developing the application manager.
  9. Designing the Ribbon User Interface (UI).
  10. Participating in testing the whole application.
  11. Participating in debugging the whole application.