RollU Game | Projects

RollU Game (PC & Mobile)
Score  1st Place | (Distinction+) "120%"
Course  Graphics
Year  2011

RollU Game is a very interesting ball game with hyper fast movements & a lot of enjoyment, suitable for children & teenagers.
RollU is a friendly ball that collects jewels to get the highest score.
RollU is in two versions, Windows version & Windows Phone 7 Version.

XNA 4.0 & Windows Phone SDK

My Role
I was in a team of four members and my role was:
  1. Participated in the main scenario of the game.
  2. The main "Game.cs" class and functions within the class: Initialize, LoadContent, Update, HandelKeyboardInput, Draw.
  3. Designing the tracks of the game.
  4. The Particle Engine effects.
  5. The touch input methods on the Windows Phone 7 Version.
  6. Designing the logo of the game.
  7. Designing all the menus.
  8. Participated in testing the whole game.
  9. Participated in getting content from internet like: fonts, sounds, models & some images.